Here you go:

For those who didnt stick too long, later on got fed up with lack of DPS so went fully over to elementalist commander mode and got most of our heavies to also go ranged. So once that was done we started getting the lootbags we didnt get earlier.

Reset wise, the beginning was horrible as we do have major issues how our ranged classes are played. If you want to improve your gameplay as ranged, please feel free to ask and ill help. You can use the ranged gameplay i did while tagging as guidance on how far you can push your DPS gameplay.
Im not the best ranged player, im just an average joe who got experience over the years in playing ranged via necromancer gameplay, so im on same podium as majority of others.
My skill rotation is prolly quite off as elementalist as i havent played that class for years and havent kept it as my main, so good ele players sorry about that.

Also my voice sounded much more gibberish then usual so im sorry about that.

All in all if the beginning is set aside, i had fun. Will tag more as ele commander and try providing opportunities for different blobbing gameplay.